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Natural Pest Control.

Natural pest control is very important, not only for the planet but for your family as well. Children and pets are very prone to having allergic reactions to chemicals, so why not try controlling pests naturally. The more you promote natural pest control the better it works.

 When operating natural pest control you need to be able to recognise which are the good guys, and which are the bad guys, in your organic garden. There are so many that a good pest book can be invaluable.

 Natural pest control is far more preferable to chemical control because, with chemicals, not only are you killing off the bad pests but the good pests as well.

 Some of your nasty bugs may become immune, then what to do? We believe that once we know who the bad guys are, we should try to prevent them from becoming such a problem in the first place! And the best way to do that is with natural pest control.

 With natural pest control we first, we need to look at how we "garden". It is best to be as tidy as possible, particularly at the end of the growing season, ensure you tidy up all plant debris on your garden. This will ensure populations of pests cannot over winter so easily because they'll either get killed off by the frost, or eaten by the birds, natural pest control at it's best. To encourage you to be clean and tidy in the garden, think of the benefits of composting, a wonderful end product to natural pest control.

 In theory, when you decide to use only natural pest controls, the garden's natural predators increase to keep the pests in control, the only drawback is that there is usually a time delay, but you can help this by a little manual removal.

 Natural pest control can involve using biological controls, which you can easily purchase, but you do need to follow the instruction carefully, and be sure that temperatures are just right.

 If you have had a pest or virus problem with a plant, a good natural pest control action is to never replant with the same variety. Then the pests cannot thrive.

 Natural pest control will give you a real feel good factor as well as a wonderful garden, full of wild life.

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