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No Dig Gardening.

No dig gardening is favoured by organic gardeners who believe that digging is actually bad for the soil's health, by damaging the structure, and bringing more weed seeds to the surface, to develop.

No dig gardening is becoming a habit for many gardeners. Digging over the garden each year used to be normal practice to break up the soil compaction, caused by constant trampling, and to incorporate well rotted manure. No dig gardening is not suitable for all gardeners, as no dig gardening is established by creating beds, with permanent paths between them, with the beds just wide enough for you to reach into the centre to weed and plant.  This allows you to plant closer together as you do not need access areas.

With no dig gardening you just place your manure on the soil and let nature to do the hard work, with worms and other soil life, breaking up the organic matter and pulling it down into the soil. In doing this the worms assist in building up the soil structure as their tunnels provide aeration and drainage.

The no dig gardening method is believed to have fewer pest and diseases, possibly due to a more balanced soil population being allowed to build up in this comparatively undisturbed environment, and by encouraging the build up of beneficial rather than harmful soil fungi.

Converting to a no dig system is a long term project. No dig gardening relies very heavily on plenty of organic matter being applied regularly, and by this mulching keeping the moister in the soil.

With no dig gardening you do still need to hand remove all perennial weeds, although seedlings can be killed off by laying ground coverings such as plastic or cardboard. Although you normally dig in a green manure, you can still incorporate it into your no dig system, ether by cutting it down and leaving it in situ, or by removing it to the compost heap.

No dig gardening is cleaner and greener than conventional gardening.


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Chapter 10.....................Your Problems Solved. Don't poison your kids or pets! Find out the safe and effective ways to control diseases in plants.

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