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Slugs and Snails


  Slugs and snails don't you just love them!


Slugs and snails really are the bane of every gardener. Many years ago it was quite acceptable to use slug bait to control them, but we now understand how harmful slug bait is to all the creatures that eat, not only the bait but also, the slugs and snails that have feasted on the bait.


There are  many ways to control slugs and snails, which one suits you and your garden, depends on how big your garden is, how much time you have and how many plants you have that are the favourites with the slugs and snails. It also depends on how squeamish you are, so take your pick of the few suggestions that follow.


One of the easiest ways, is to take a bucket, and perhaps some gloves, and go around your garden and collect them. This can be done on a damp day or in the evening, by torchlight, as generally slugs and snails are nocturnal creatures. You then need to decide what to do with your bucket full of slugs and snails. Your choices are to take a good long walk and deposit them well away from any gardens, or you can drown them in beer, still cheaper than pellets. My favourite way to dispose of a bucket of slugs and snails is to feed then to ducks, either have a few of your own, or take them to a local pond


Another is beer traps. Slugs and snails love beer so if you set bowls of beer close to their favourite plants they go for the beer, get drunk and drown. You may find that your dog or cat may also help themselves, but at least they will not come to any harm!


If you eat grapefruit, melons or oranges, you can use the skins, cut in half and turned upside down, so that the slugs and snails retreat under them away from predators and the midday sun. You then need to go round before the evening and collect them up, and dispose of as you wish.


Slugs and Snails really do not like copper, so you can lay copper wire around your plants, making sure that no leaves touch the ground to allow them to climb up, if they are really persistent you can run a small charge through it, but only small!  For potted plants you can buy special tape that you stick around the pot about 4" from the base, the slugs and snails will not be able to cross it.


That's just a few to keep you going more will be added periodically.


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Learn the secrets to growing a successful organic vegetable garden and discover... 

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By creating a healthy garden - and lifestyle - you will regain energy levels, help restore your immune system and give yourself and your family the best chance of living long, happy and healthy lives.

Companion Planting

 a Complete Guide to Growing Healthy Plants

You'll Instantly Discover...

How to choose the right plants to grow together

         Which plants you must never grow together       

·         How to protect your fruits and vegetables from insect attack

·         How much to plant for your family

And that's just a small 'glimpse' of what's included for you. This guide was created out of my own need for a simple, concise system to easily decide what plants would grow the best together. I've gathered this information from both my own experience and from many different resources. And now it's all at the press of a button!

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